Saint Bridget School has a wonderful and productive way to encourage growth in our enrollment!!  Several years ago we began our SBS Ambassador Program.  Here’s how it works.  Every family that you refer who enrolls a child(ren) for the current school year, earns you a $500 Tuition Credit, with a maximum reward of $1,000 per family.  The new family must  enroll for the start of the school year (September) and stay through December.  It’s that simple.   Then, in January, you receive your Ambassador reward.  You can:

  1. Get a check for the amount of your reward;
  2. Have the reward applied to your tuition bill; or
  3. Give the money back to the school and receive a tax deduction.

Word of mouth continues to be the reason new families come to Saint Bridget School.  You are our best advocates and we want to reward you for that!  Talk to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers and encourage them to come see how we nurture academic excellence and encourage social responsibility to develop students and families deeply invested in the Catholic education.  Make sure the families you refer put your name on their application.  What could be easier?

Please contact Ms. Amanda Popp, VP for Admissions and Advancement, if you have any questions.

  • Tuition credit will be awarded in January based on the new family remaining enrolled through December.
  • This credit is available only in the year of initial enrollment. The maximum family reward is $1,000.
  • Verification of your referral will be needed at the time of application and acceptance of the new family.
  • We will offer a $250 reward for a mid-year transfer referred by a current family.  That award will be paid out at the end of the school year.