A good education starts with the instructional staff!

For more than 60 years, Saint Bridget School teachers have helped our students achieve academic success while encouraging the development of the whole person within a Catholic Faith community. Our faculty and staff are dedicated and committed to using effective instructional strategies that reach all students and raise the achievement bar resulting in well-rounded, community-minded and hard-working students.

22-23 Faculty and Staff photo

School Administration

Name Position
Mrs. Marilena Martucci Principal
Fr. Mark DeAngelis Interim Administrator
Ms. Amanda Popp Vice Principal for Admissions and Advancement
Mrs. Joan Bruce Head Teacher/Resource Coordinator
Mrs. Rachael Genova School Counselor
Mrs. Erin Walsh Administrative Assistant
Ms. Jodi Horrigan School Nurse
Deacon Fred Nieves Facility Manager
Mr. Greg Palmer Technology Director
Mrs. Helena Siciliano Business Office/Tuition
Ms. Jess Goudy Extended Day Director

Faculty and Staff

Early Childhood

Name Grade Level
Mrs. Katie Anderson Preschool
Mrs. Lauren Nazzaro Pre-Kindergarten
Ms. Kailey Paiva Pre-Kindergarten
Mrs. Yvette McCarthy Kindergarten
Mrs. Brenna Keating Kindergarten

Elementary School

Name Grade Level
Mrs. Maryellen Urbanik Grade 1
Miss Sharon Albondi Grade 2
Mrs. Rebecca Martinez Grade 2
Ms. Victoria Atkinson Grade 3
Ms. Lisa Trudeau Grade 3
Mrs. Linda Azanow Grade 4
Mrs. Laurie-lee Wardyga Grade 4
Mrs. Kristina Bell Grade 5
Mrs. Sarah Tan Grade 5

Middle School

Name Grade Level
Mrs. Semima Karasch Grade 6 HR, 6th-8th Math
Dr. Shauna Downey Grade 6 HR, 6th-8th Science
Ms. Laurie Woodworth Grade 7 HR, 6th-8th LA & Social Studies
Mrs. Tracey Scannevin Grade 7 HR, 6th-8th Math
Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett Grade 8 HR, 6th-8th Religion & Spanish

Related Arts

Name Position
Mrs. Lisa Cavossa Digital Literacy
Mrs. Nicole Abate Performing Arts
Ms. Jess Goudy Physical Education
Mr. Chris Renna Visual Art